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Reviewing the Turnitin Feedback Studio for an Assignment


After reviewing this how-to article you will have the ability to access Turnitin Feedback Studio from a submitted assignment within your Brightspace course.

For information on how to navigate to an assignment page in Brightspace, please review the Accessing the Assignments Page article.


  1. Locate the desired assignment and select the link within the Evaluation Status column.
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the page to locate the table within the assignment section.
  3. Select either the button within the Turnitin Similarity column or the View Turnitin GradeMark link, both navigate to the Turnitin Feedback Studio in a new tab.

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  • The Feedback Studio page defaults to display both the inline feedback and similarity report views. There are a few different ways to toggle between which one is displayed.
    • To know which layer(s) are currently displayed, select the Layers button. Select the checkboxes next to Grading and Similarity to toggle each layer on and off.
    • Select the Instructor Feedback Layer button to toggle the layer on and off.
    • Select the Similarity Layer button to toggle the layer on and off.
  • Select the Instructor Feedback button to review the graded rubric (if applicable) as well as any comments.
  • Select the Match Overview button to review details on the similarity score.
  • Select the Download button to save a PDF file of your paper with the Turnitin Feedback Studio layers.
    • A pop-up window will load on the page with the three download options you can choose from.
  • Select the Help button to navigate to support for Turnitin.