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Reviewing Faculty Feedback for an Assignment


After reviewing this how-to you will be able to view feedback left by the faculty for your assignment submissions. There are multiple ways to access faculty feedback on an assignment from within a course, however Option 1 is recommended.


Option 1 (Recommended)

1. From the course navbar, open the Progress menu.

Course Navbar, Progress - Students.PNG


2. Select the Grades link.

Progress Menu, Grades - All.PNG


3. Locate the grade item for the desired assignment activity.


4. The Comments and Assessments section will contain a link to the Inline Feedback.



5. If the faculty utilized a rubric, the View Graded Rubric link will appear. Following the link will outline the points awarded for each criteria of the assignment activity.


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Option 2

Navigate to the Course Progress guide to learn how to review faculty feedback from the Course Progress tool.

Option 3

1. From the course navbar, open the Activities menu.

Course Navbar, Activities - Students.PNG


2. Select the Assignments link.

Activities Menu, Assignments - All.PNG


3. Locate the desired assignment.


4. Select the link within the Evaluation Status column.



5. If the faculty utilized a rubric for grading, the scored rubric will appear immediately upon selecting the link within the Evaluation status column. 

Assignments, Graded Rubric - Students.png


6. Select the "View Inline Feedback" link to view faculty feedback.