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Reviewing Faculty Feedback for an Assignment


After reviewing this how-to you will be able to view feedback left by the faculty for your assignment submissions. There are multiple ways to access faculty feedback on an assignment from within a course, however Option 1 is recommended.


Option 1 (Recommended)

1. From the course navbar, open the Progress menu.

Course Navbar, Progress - Students.PNG


2. Select the Grades link.

Progress Menu, Grades - All.PNG


3. Locate the grade item for the desired assignment activity.


4. The Individual Feedback section would display any feedback left by the faculty.

Grades, Individual Feedback for Assignment - Students.png


5. If the faculty utilized a rubric, the View Graded Rubric link will appear. Following the link will outline the points awarded for each criteria of the assignment activity.

Grades, Graded Rubric for Assignment - Students.png

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Option 2

Navigate to the Course Progress guide to learn how to review faculty feedback from the Course Progress tool.

Option 3

1. From the course navbar, open the Activities menu.

Course Navbar, Activities - Students.PNG


2. Select the Assignments link.

Activities Menu, Assignments - All.PNG


3. Locate the desired assignment.


4. Select the link within the Evaluation Status column.

Assignments, View Feedback - Students.png


5. The Submission Feedback is where the individual feedback left by the faculty will appear when it is provided by the faculty.

Assignments, Submission Feedback - Students.png


6. If the faculty utilized a rubric for grading, below the Submission Feedback section is where you can find the breakdown of how you scored on the rubric and any additional feedback comments the faculty may have left.

Assignments, Graded Rubric - Students.png