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Course Menu: Overview


After completing this how-to you will have the knowledge to navigate to and within the Course Menu in your Brightspace course.


1. From the course navbar, select the Course Menu link.

Course Navbar with minibar, Course Menu - Students.PNG


2. The menus are called "modules", many modules use the nomenclature of "Workshop" followed by a number which indicates the week within the workshop. Select a module/workshop to display all items contained within each workshop.

Course Menu, Workshop One Module main button - Students.png


3. The items within a module/workshop are called Topics. Topic titles are linked to the page where detailed information and instructions can be obtained.

Course Menu, Topic Name - Students.png


4. On the topic page, the backward and forward arrows allow you to navigate to the previous or next topic page without going back to the main Course Menu page.

Course Menu, Topic Page side menus - Students.png


5. Select the expand button to bring out the fly-out-menu.

Course Menu, Side Panel flyout button expand - Students.png


6. Use the backward and forward arrows to move between modules/workshops. Selecting the name of a topic page will open that topic.

Course Menu, Side Panel module arrows - Students.png


7. At the bottom of the topic page, select the Download button to download the file onto your computer.

Course Menu, Topic Page download button - Students.png


7a. Select the Print button to print the topic page.

Course Menu, Topic Page print button - Students.png

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