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The Calendar is a tool that provides you with a view of when course activities and exercises are due. The Calendar tool can also be used to display other events within your course. As a student, you do not have access to manage the Calendar as items added will appear to everyone in the course. Therefore, only faculty have permission to add items to the Calendar tool.


From within a course:

  1. In the course navbar, open the Tools menu.
  2. Select the Calendar link.

From the main landing page:

In the main navbar, select the Calendar link.

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Default View

  • Agenda is the default view when first accessing the Calendar tool.
  • The Agenda view provides you with a detailed list of events with the most recent due date.
  • You can select one of the other tabs to change the viewing option to find which one works best for you.

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Monthly Display and Viewing Events

  • Select the Month tab to display the events in a typical monthly calendar format.
  • Select an event tile to open a pop-up with more details on that particular event.
  • To close out of the pop-up, select the "X."
  • To view more information on the event, follow the More... link.
    • If a course material is linked to the event, you can select the name of the course material to navigate to it's web page.
    • To return to the monthly calendar view, follow the history trail that displays the month and year.

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Filter Display of Courses

  • The default setting shows events for all course calendars. To view events for one course calendar, open the "All Calendars... " pop-up menu.
    • Select the name of the desired course. Note, if you are not already in the course that you selected the system will navigate you to the Calendar tool within that course.
  • If you need to view events from all of your course calendars again, select the "caret" button next to the name of the current course being viewed to open the pop-up menu.
    • In the pop-up menu, select the Show All Calendars button.
  • To remove a course's calendar from the list and from it's events appearing in the All Calendars view, select the "X" by the course name.
  • To add a course's calendar back on the list and it's events in the All Calendars view, select the "+" button.
    • Select the name of the course that you want to add for it to appear back on the list and it's events in the All Calendars view.

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Modify Calendar Color

  • To modify a calendar's color, select the "change calendar colors" button.
  • You can change the course that will have its color modify by opening the drop-down menu under Calendar Colors and choosing the needed course.
  • You can choose one of the colors from the default options.
    • Move the arrow next to the color to adjust a color's shade.
  • If you know the hex value of a specific color you are wanting to use, you can enter the value in the respective box.
  • Once you have chosen a color, you can either select the Apply button to save your updates and then choose another course from the dropdown list to modify its color, or you can select the Done button if there are no further courses you want to modify the calendar color for.
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