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The Classlist is a feature that provides a list of the faculty teaching the course and your fellow students that are also taking the course.  After reviewing this how-to you will have the knowledge needed to navigate to the Classlist and utilize the features that it has to offer. 


1. From the course navbar, open the "Communication" menu.

Course Navbar, Communication - Students.PNG


2. Select the "Classlist" link.

Communication Menu, Classlist - All.PNG


  • A list of all the faculty and students within the course will be displayed.

Classlist, Whole View - Students.png


  • Note, the green dot indicates if the student or faculty is currently online.

Classlist, Active Status - Students.png

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Sorting Options

  • The system defaults to sorting the Classlist alphabetically in ascending order.

Classlist, Sort Default - Students.png     


  • You can choose to sort the Classlist by a different method by selecting a 'Sort by...' link, such as the "Sort by First Name" link. The first time you select a link the Classlist will be displayed in ascending order. Selecting the link a second time will display the Classlist in descending order.  You have the option to sort by First Name, Last Name, or Role in ascending or descending order.

Classlist, Sort Ascending - Students.png


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Viewing a Profile Page

1. Select the 'Image' button next to the faculty or one of your classmates.

Classlist, Profile Image - Students.png


2. Information added to an individual's profile page will be viewable to the faculty and all classmates.


3. To return to the Classlist, select the "Go Back" button.

Classlist, Profile Card go back - Students.png

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