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After reviewing this how-to you will have knowledge necessary to access and utilize the Grades tool within your Brightspace course.


1. From the course navbar, open the "Progress" menu.

Course Navbar, Progress - Students.PNG


2. Select the "Grades" link.

Progress Menu, Grades - All.PNG


3. The "Final Calculated Grade" section will be displayed if the faculty has set up the gradebook and released the grades.


3a. The Points section displays the number of points earned as well as the total number of points possible for items in which a grade has been issued.  The Grade section is populated by taking the total number of points earned divided by the total number of points possible.

Grades, Final Calculated Points - Students.png


3b. Selecting the calculator, "View how final grade was calculated", button will display a table that breaks down the Grade Items and points for the entire course.

Grades, Final Calculated Button - Students.png


3c. The grade percentage or letter grade will be displayed in the "Grade" field immediately following the "Points". 

Grades, Final Calculated Percentage - Students.png


4. Under the "Grade" field, a table is displayed which provides each grade item and the points, grade, and feedback (if applicable) for that item.

Grades, Table View - Students.png