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The Email is a tool that allows you to send emails to faculty and/or students within the courses you are taking. Please note, you are only able to send emails from within Brightspace. To view responses or any other emails you receive, you will need to access your IWU email account via Outlook.


Option 1 (Recommended)

1. From the course navbar, open the Communication menu.

Course Navbar, Communication - Students.PNG


2. Select the Classlist link.

Communication Menu, Classlist - All.PNG


Please note, there are three different methods you can use for sending an email from within the Classlist tool. All methods will open a new window with the email addresses in the Bcc field and provide an area for you to type the subject and body of your email.

Method 1

3a. To send an email to a specific individual, select the individual's name.

Classlist, Email Individual - Students.png


Method 2

3b. To send an email to multiple individuals, select the checkbox in the row of all individuals that you want to email.

Classlist, Email Multiple 1 - Students.png


4b. After you select the checkbox for everyone you need to email, choose the Email button.

Classlist, Email Multiple 2 - Students.png


Method 3

3c. To send an email to the instructor(s) and all students listed in the Classlist, select the Email Classlist button.

Classlist, Email All option 2a - Students.png


4c. Select the Send Email button.

Classlist, Email All option 2b - Students.png

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Option 2

1. Open the Communications menu from the course navbar.

Course Navbar, Communication - Students.PNG


2. Select the Email link.

Communication Menu, Email - All.PNG


3. You can manually enter the email addresses of all individuals or you can select the Address Book button to pull the email addresses for specific individuals.

Email, Address Book - All.png

Option 3

1. From the minibar within your course*, open the "message alerts" button.

Minibar, Message Alerts - Students.png


2. Select the Email link.


3. Refer to Step 3 in Option 2 of this guide for information on how to enter the email addresses of the individuals that you need to email.


*Selecting the "Message alerts" button from the Brightspace main landing page will result in the "Address Book" displaying classmates and instructors from all previous and current courses.  Selecting the "Message Alerts" button from within a course will ensure that only the instructor and classmates from your current course(s) will be included in the "Address Book".