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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Contact a Live Agent via the Virtual Assistant


After asking the assistant a question, you can contact a live agent from Brightspace support. For more information on posting a question to the virtual assistant, please refer to the Ask a Question in the Virtual Assistant article.


  • Select the Contact Support button after reviewing the assistant's responses to your question.Bot Response:  Still need help? Yes, I have anouther question. Contact Support. Ask the Community.
  • The Call usEmail us, and Chat with us buttons will appear for you to choose a preferred communication option.
  • Choosing Email us or Chat with us will present you with a few fields that provide more information on your question and how to contact you.Bot Response:  Please describe your issue with as much detail as possible. Case Description edit; Email edit; Phone United States: edit. Never mind
    • If you select the Never mind button, your chat session will be reinitiated. It will not return you to the previous options for contacting a live agent. You must repeat your question and follow these steps again to select a different option.User Response: Never mind. Bot Response: Hi, how can I help you? Start
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