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Exporting Items


After completing this how-to article you will have the knowledge to export items onto your device from the ePortfolio tool. Exporting items will allow for you to share them with those who do not have access to IWU's Brightspace site, such as a potential employer.

Please note, there are some known issues with exporting "Presentation" items from the ePortfolio tool. Links within the presentation will not work and the chosen "theme" will not be displayed. If you wish to only export the files associated to the presentation, make sure to follow Step 1a. in the Navigation section of this article.


  1. From the My Items tab, select the "actions for ..." button next to the title of the desired item and choose the Export option.
    1. If you are exporting a presentation, make sure to choose the radio button for the Export presentation to an ePortfolio package option.
  2. By default, the checkbox next to Automatically include associated items will be checked. Leave this box marked and select the Next button. 
  3. Make sure to select the "open ..." link to download a .zip folder onto your device, otherwise the folder will not be downloaded.
  4. Only after you have started the download of the .zip folder as explained in Step 3 above, choose the Close button.
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