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How to upload media to Mediacentral


Describes how to upload new media to MediaCentral 


1. First sign into MediaCentral by select 'Guest' in the upper-right and then 'Login'. This should log you in automatically with your IWU username and password. If a username and password is requesting you will need to use your IWU username and the same password that is used to log into the MyIWU page.


2. Uploading media to MediaCentral can be done in two different ways. First, the direct upload can be utilized by selecting the 'Add New' button and then 'Media Upload'.


3. Select the blue 'Choose a file to upload' button.


4. You will then be presented with a window similar to the one below. This window is used to select, from your computer, the file you wish to upload to Mediacentral. After selecting the file, select the 'Open' button at the bottom-right of the window.


5. On the following page the 'Name' field will need filled out and the 'published' option will need to be selected. A description can also be entered to give users a better idea of what the video is. Finally, once ready, select the blue 'Save' button to finalize the upload.


6. If the upload finished correctly you will see the following message.


What's Next

For information on utilizing the MediaCentral 'Webcam Recording' system and information on using Camtasia Relay please use the following link,

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