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Search for Advisees Doesn't Work


When performing an advisee search in Student Planning, the correct advisee does not appear in the results, or the message "No Matches Found, Please Try Again" is displayed.  The message might also say "Search for advisees failed."


There are several possible causes of this issue:


If the message received is "Search/Request for advisees failed.", then recycling the app pools for WebAPI and Self-Service should correct the issue.

Search Format

Person searches in Colleague Self-Service will only accept certain formats:

Search Formats that DO Work
LastName, FirstName   (e.g. Doe, John)
FirstName LastName     (e.g. John Doe)
LastName                             (e.g. Doe)
IdNumber                             (e.g. 0262041; however, see ID Search Bug below)
Formats that Do NOT Work
LastName FirstName    (no comma; e.g. Doe John)
FirstName                            (e.g. John)
IdWithoutLeadingZero  (e.g. 262041)

If you attempt to do a search by LastName FirstName (with no comma), the system assumes you are doing a FirstName LastName search, and if you attempt to do a search by just FirstName, the system assumes you are doing a LastName only search.

Access Permissions

If you are attempting to search for a student that is not directly assigned to you as one of your advisees, you will not be able to find the student unless you are set up in the Colleague system as a Division Chair or Division Secretary, or have been granted special permissions to view all students.  If you believe you should have this access, you will need to contact the Registration & Academic Services office to verify that your access is set up properly.

ID Search Bug

There is a known bug in the Student Planning product that sometimes causes advisees directly assigned to an advisor to be unsearchable by ID number.

If an advisor has above a certain number of assigned advisees (the exact number is not known), then he/she will only be able to search by ID number for the advisees who initially appear in the list when the Advising page is opened.  Advisees that are loaded in when clicking on the "show more advisees" link or when scrolling down will not be searchable by ID number; instead, they must be searched by last name.

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