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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Course Section Search


After completing this how-to you will be able to search for any course section created throughout the entire university.

First Step

Begin by clicking on this link:

You will see the following screen:

Picture One.png

Report Options

  • To Search for courses:
    • Class Start Date: click on the circles on each end and slide to pick the date range. You may also click the Calendar icons to choose a date.
    • Terms: You may also pick a term. You can pick more than one term by holding down the <ctrl> key and click on a second, third, etc.
      • Terms that start with a letter are for the Marion Residential Campus.
      • Terms that start with a number are for National Global (N&G) and Seminary.
    • Departments: If you know the name of the department, you may choose it. Again you may choose multiple ones by clicking in the boxes on the left.
    • Courses: You may search on the course name if it is known.
  • The report will change as the different options are chosen.
  • To Sort the report, you may click on the Title of a column and the report will sort.

Picture Two.png

  • In several locations, as you hover over the report, you will see the image above.
    • The three lines on the left are a Filter You have already filtered by choosing options above.
    • The square with the arrow will allow you to increase the size of the report on the screen (similar to full screen).
    • The three dots (...) will allow you to do the following
      • Export the data into an Excel spreadsheet
      • Show as a table
      • Sorting Options
  • In one of the hover over (at the top of the output), there is a picture of two sheets of paper. This will allow you to copy the data with the Title and Column Names.
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