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Student Wireless Guide

Page Summary 

Student Wireless Guide
This guide covers how to connect to IWU-Wifi as a student of IWU as well as how to register and manage your devices.

About IWU-Wifi

IWU provides wireless connectivity throughout the academic buildings, and in each dorm. Wireless is accessible from each dorm room, and in each dorm's lobby. Wireless is also accessible in some "green spaces" throughout campus and we are working to expand that coverage. 

Common Questions

Can I bring my own router?
No - Adding additional routers is against IWU's Acceptable Use policy. Unmanaged routers will decrease the effectiveness of IWU access points in the area by introducing radio interference. IWU currently has 1200+ managed access points throughout campus.
How do I connect?
Check the documentation in the section below to learn more about how to get connected.
What do I do if I have issues connecting?
Reach out to our IT Support Center and let us know! You can view our contact information here.
What should I do if I find an issue with wireless in an area?
Reach out to us through the IT Support Center and provide us with the following details: location, how many people experience the same issue, and a description of the issue that you and others experienced.

Student IWU-Wifi Documentation