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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Connect to IWU-Wifi on Windows Tablets and Computers


IWU-WiFi is a secure wireless network provided for IWU students, employees, and guests. The instructions below provide instructions for students to connect to IWU-WiFi.


  1. From your device select the IWU-WiFi wireless network and connect
  2. Once connected try visiting any webpage (Example:, you should be redirected to the landing page below:
    If the splash page won't load automatically, and visiting does not bring up the wireless registration page, you may also manually visit:


  3. If you do not see the webpage above, try visiting , this website should force the redirect page to load as shown above
  4. Enter your IWU username (Typically your firstname.lastname) 
  5. Enter your IWU password
    Passwords are case-sensitive. If you're copying and pasting your password / username from an email, be sure that your phone or computer does not include any leading special characters such as a - or a : etc.
  6. Click "Log In"
  7. You should see a momentary splash page that says "Authentication Success!"
  8. You are now able to utilize the internet at IWU

If you are experiencing difficulty logging in, Contact the IWU Support Center

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