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Recurring Voucher

Test plan summary

05/16/2023 - Recurring Voucher Form 
Used by employees to request home office or phone reimbursement.
Test Plan Owner:  Amy Landrum
Backup Testers:  Shelley Isler

Latest versions successfully tested


Test plan items

The sections below describe all tests to perform on etrieve as part of this testing plan.

Page or process Testing instructions Expected result
Recurring Voucher form
  1. In etrieve Central, select Recurring Voucher or use this link:
  2. Fill out pertinent information and attach a test document.
  3. Submit the form.
  4. The submitted form goes to the InBox of the appropriate reviewer, based on the Department chosen in the form.
  5. Please contact the reviewer as email notifications will not be turned on.
  6. Open Etrieve Central and click on the InBox tab. Click on the form to open it.
  7. The reviewer looks over the form and attachments and adds the GL account to be charged.
  8. Click Approve to send the form to be approved.
  9. The form moves to the appropriate approver. .
  10. Open Etrieve Central and click on the InBox tab. Click on the form to open it.
  11. The approver reviews the form and documentation and chooses I Approve or I Do Not Approve from the drop-down provided. The name and approval date will populate.
  12. There are two approval spots. Only one will open per each approval step, so approvers should not have a problem approving in the wrong place.
  13. Click on Approve to move the form forward.
  14. The form goes to CFO Approval. 
  15. CFO approver reviews and marks approval in the Final Approver section.
  16. Click Approve to send the document forward.
  17. The form is now ready for Procurement Services to process.
  18. When finished, click on Approve to route the form out of the workflow.
  19. The form becomes a document, and all the documentation and workflow history become additional pages.
  20. The document is searchable in etrieve Content.


  • The form should be in the Procurement Services area in etrieve Content with a doc type of PRSV Recurring Voucher.


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