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Test plan summary

05/12/2023 - Reports
There are several reports offered in etrieve Central including searching for unfiled documents and documents in the recycle bin.
Test Plan Owner:  Joy Bagley
Backup Testers:  Christi Zirkle

Latest versions successfully tested


Test plan items

The sections below describe all tests to perform on etrieve as part of this testing plan.

Page or process Testing instructions Expected result
  1. In etrieve Central, click on Reports.
  • List of all available reports.
Unfiled Documents
  1. Click on Unfiled Documents.
  2. Click on Filters.
  3. Select an area.
  4. Click on Update Results.
  • Report of all unfiled documents in that area.
Recycle Bin Documents
  1. Click on Recycle Bin Documents.
  2. Click on Filters.
  3. Select an area andDoc Type.
  4. Click on Update Results.
  • Report of all documents deleted by the specific person for that area.
Documents Awaiting Automation
  1. Click on Documents Awaiting Automation.
  2. Click on Update Result.
  • If there are no documents awaiting automation, the report will be empty.
Import History
  1. Click on Import History.
  2. Click on Filters.
  3. Set a date range of yesterday to today.
  4. Select ALL for Area.
  5. Select DirectPrint GRCS for Import Name.
  6. Click Update Result.
  • The report should match what shows up in Import History for the same Import and date range.
Import Statistics
  1. Click on Import Statistics
  2. Click on Filters
  3. Select an area and ALL Lookups.
  • Report of total documents imported per import.
Forms and Associated Workflows
  1. Click on Forms and Associated Workflows.
  2. Click on Update Result.
  • Report of all Forms and their associated workflow along with if the form is published.
Workflow Statistics
  1. Click on Workflow Statistics.
  • Report of all workflows, their package package counts and average days throughput.
Automations Summary
  1. Click on Automations Summary.
  • Report of all automations, status and description.
Logged In Users
  1. Click on Logged in Users.
  • Report lists all users who are currently logged into etrieve.
Users Summary
  1. Click on Users Summary.
  • Report lists all users including their email, active status, and display name.
Direct Group Users
  1. Click on Direct Group Users.
  • Report lists the users assigned to etrieve Security groups.


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