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Avaya Softphone

Avaya Softphone is a software solution that allows you to make and receive calls from your computer as if you were using your desk phone.

It must be installed to your computer and set up with the appropriate settings to work correctly. Additionally, after setting it up you must first connect to VPN/GlobalProtect in order to log into the software and use it. This will stay true throughout your use of Avaya (i.e. you must always be connected to VPN/GlobalProtect in order for Avaya to function).


The Avaya Softphone is installed using the Application Catalog. For information on how to install software using the Application Catalog please see the following article, How to Install Software from the IWU Application Catalog

First Time Setup

When you first launch Avaya One-X Communicator, it needs set up with the proper settings before being able to log in.

**Additionally, it is very important to note that any settings not specifically mentioned in the steps below should be left as is. No other settings should be modified.

To set up, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the gear icon in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select 'Settings' on the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the 'H.323' setting for the 'Using' option. The will change it from 'SIP' to 'H.323'.
  4. Enter your four-digit on-campus extension in the 'Extension' field.
  5. Enter '12345' in the 'Password' field. It is possible your default password may be '1234' but we recommend starting with '12345' and changing it over to '1234' if the former does not work.
  6. Select the 'Add' button under the 'Server List' field/box.
  7. Enter '' in the field that pops up and select the 'OK' button.
  8. Select the 'OK' button at the bottom-right.
  9. You will now be back on the main Avaya Softphone login window and can select the 'Log In' button to log in and use Avaya.
  10. When signing in for the first time you may receive a message stating 'Video Calling Not Available'. If you do, simply uncheck the checkbox and select 'OK'.
  11. If you are unable to sign in and have double-checked all settings please contact the Support Center at 765-677-2209

Additional Useful Setup

Once signed into Avaya for the first time it's useful to enable the 'Dial Pad' and the 'Call Log' options by selecting the buttons highlighted red in the picture below.


To Recover Your Office Phone

When you return to your physical office phone you may need to log back into it, which will automatically log you out of the Avaya softphone on your computer.

To do this, please follow the prompts on your physical phone's display. If you do not see the prompts unplug all cables plugged into the phone and then plug them back in. When it requests your extension you will simply input your normal four digit on-campus extension. The password will be the same password you used for the softphone setup, either 12345 or 1234.


Pantronics Headset Setup

Plantronics headsets that are used by the university require additional software in order to use the buttons on the headsets. The software, Plantronics Hub, can be found HERE.


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