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Participating in a Meeting / Running a Meeting

Page Summary 

This page discusses how to participate in a meeting and covers some items that are specific to the organizer of the meeting. Use the sections on this page to become more familiar with options when meeting via Teams.

Meeting Toolbar

Once joined to a Microsoft Teams meeting, your main toolbar will appear at the top of the video screen as shown here:


We'll cover each item in this toolbar in the sections below in full detail. Click on a heading below to expand that section and learn more about that item in the toolbar.


This area is where text base conversation can take place during a meeting. It can be useful for asking questions or sharing links etc. when you don't want to interrupt the person currently talking. The chat will be available after the meeting concludes as well.

Chatting during a meeting

By default, everyone who joins a meeting may use the text chat feature. Clicking on the chat icon will pop open the chat sidebar on the right side of your meeting screen. You can click the chat icon a second time to dismiss or hide the chat:

Accessing chat history after a meeting ends

You can access the text chat by looking at your group chat history in teams as shown here:


This item lets you see who is currently in the meeting, who was invited, and their role in the meeting. Organizers or co-organizers can also use this as an area to mute participants.




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