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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Microsoft Teams Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ dedicated to Microsoft Teams at IWU. Find answers to hot topics here and suggest additional questions/answers


Do you have to setup a "Team" to use Microsoft Teams?
No! You can use teams for hosting meetings (video or audio), chat with others (instant messaging), etc. without the need to setup a Team. Teams within Microsoft Teams are a great way for a set of individuals to work collaboratively on multiple projects or items, but they aren't necessary to have class meetings or give presentations etc.
How many people can attend a meeting in Microsoft Teams
If the meeting was organized by a full-time employee or faculty, then the meeting will have a cap of 1000 participants. Otherwise the cap is 300
How many people can attend a video / audio chat created from a text conversation?
Teams allows you to call everyone participating in a group chat. The number of participants in this case is limited to 20
Is Microsoft Teams available on a Mac or iOS device?
Yes! Our Getting Started section on the Microsoft Teams KB page covers how to access and install Microsoft Teams
How do I move a notebook that I have in OneNote to a Microsoft Teams Team?
You can learn how to move your notebook into Microsoft Teams here
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