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Installing Paint.NET


Explains how to download and install the Paint.NET application on a computer with Microsoft Windows.

Installing Paint.NET

Follow the instructions below to install Paint.NET.

Instructions for Employees

IWU employees can install Paint.NET from the Application Catalog. For instructions, see How to Install Software from the IWU Application Catalog.

Instructions for Students

Students can install Paint.NET manually by following these steps:

To install Paint.NET, first navigate to this link to download the latest version from the top left corner:

Next to the green arrow, you will see the words "Download Latest Version". Clicking on either one will allow you to obtain the software.

Navigate in your explorer window to the location where you saved the installer, and double click on the executable file to run it.




Once the installer is running, select the "Quick" installer option, and the press "Next". Once the installation has gone through, select "Finish". You can choose whether you want to run it or not with a checkbox when quitting the installer.



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