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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Initialize Zoom Account

If you don't have a Zoom account

Faculty, including Adjuncts, employees and students all qualify for IWU Zoom licenses. However, account creation may not happen automatically.

Follow these steps to initialize your IWU Zoom account.

First Step

Log into the IWU portal and click on the Zoom link (in the column of resources on the right) which takes opens the Zoom landing page.


Note: If you are part of Graduate Counseling, and have been issued a HIPAA-compliant Zoom account, use this alternate landing page:

Second Step

Be sure to use Single Sign On

(click Sign in with SSO,

and type indwes when prompted for the domain;

then log in with your IWU user name and password).

This instantly creates your IWU Zoom account. 

Third Step

Install the Zoom desktop app, available from the Application Catalog, or the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store.

Follow these steps to start using Zoom on your desktop.

On rare occasions, some existing adjunct faculty aren’t included in the list that allows this account setup, and when they try to log in at the landing page, they will receive an error that indicates they don’t have an account. This is an easy fix that can be applied by contacting the support center.

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