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Top Zoom Features for Securing Your Virtual Classrooms

Zoom Features

Top Features for Securing Your Virtual Classrooms

This article discusses how to improve your security settings within Zoom

These Meeting controls (found in your Zoom settings) can help minimize disruptions:

  • Restrict annotation to prevent students from annotating on shared content or show the names of individuals annotating
  • Disable “Join before host” so students can’t join a meeting before you start it
  • Require a meeting passcode to join
  • Allow only authenticated users to join, which requires participants to be signed into their Zoom account with your school’s domain to join
  • Disable screen sharing for users (participants must ask for permission to share)

Get to know your Security icon (in-meeting)

Recording file security

This article discusses the settings of each meeting's recording. By default, there is a password requirement on every recording. You can limit the ability to share the link, or remove the limitations.

Windows Procedures

Best Practices

While you are certainly welcome to log in to your own Windows profile, it is typically faster to restart the computer and let the auto-log-in load the default classroom profile.

Restart the PC at the end of your class, to fully log you out of all applications.


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