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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Classroom Troubleshooting


This guide will help in solving video issues with a Teaching Station and a Projector or Flat Panel display. Many components are part of the system that enables a source device to be displayed upon a projection screen or Flat Panel TV. Each part may need to be tested to locate the problem.


Projector is not turning on ,

Flat Panel TV is not turning on,

Cannot see image on projector screen or flat panel TV (may appear black, or blue)

***NOTE*** after trying the steps for your specific issue, if not resolved, Unplug the teaching station from the cart and re-apply power. This should solve most video issues. 


  1. Press the correct input button on the Teaching Station Media Link Controller

    1. Laptop (a user-provided laptop or tablet)

    2. Doc Cam

    3. DVD or BluRay player

    4. Desktop computer (an IWU-provided PC)

    5. Aux Video source (a user-provided Camcorder, Laser Disc player, etc.)
  2. Make sure the Projector is turned on:

    1. Locate the Extron Media Link Controller on top of the Teaching Station.
      1. Press the ON button, in the Display section of the controller
      2. The ON button's backlight will flash during the boot-up sequence which may take up to 30 seconds
      3. Wait to see if the ON button stays lit (solid backlight) after the boot-up sequence completes.
        1. If the ON button does not stay lit after the boot-up sequence, there may be a connection problem. Check the wall plate near the Teaching Station, and verify that all cables are firmly connected to their corresponding jacks. Please contact the support center for assistance.
        2. If the ON button does stay lit, yet the projector does not come on, please contact the support center for assistance.
    2. Recently constructed or renovated classrooms may have a touch panel control instead of a Media Link Controller.
      1. Press the On button
      2. If the On button is not visible, look for a Press Anywhere to Start button.
      3. If neither option is availble, press a Display button. This will give options of displays to power on.
  3. Check the display device to make sure it has power. A small LED should be illuminated on the corner of the Flat Panel or the bottom edge of the projector. If there are no LED's illuminated, it is possible that a breaker has been tripped, so please contact the support center.

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If everything else works, but the projector or flat panel TV still won't turn on, or appears black...Unplug the cart's power cord from the wall...wait 10 seconds...then plug it back in. This is often the best solution.

Non-Classroom Projector Troubleshooting

If you are trying to display your laptop, tablet, video player, but you are not located in an IWU technology-equipped classroom, you may find assistance on this page.