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Elder Hall 147 (Speech Lab)


These classrooms have a teaching station connected to a large display.


  • A ceiling-mounted laser Projector
    • Projects onto a manual screen on the front wall.
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200 (16:10 Aspect Ratio)


The teaching station will allow computers and mobile devices to be shown on the front projection screen:

  • Desktop PC

  • HDMI cable with adapters for connecting a mobile device (Laptop, tablet or smart phone)

  • Wirelessly cast/mirror mobile device, using Airplay, Miracast, or Chromecast (no apps required)

  • HoverCam USB document camera, can be connected to Desktop PC or to laptop with a USB 3.0 type A connection.



  • Ceiling Speakers
  • Volume knob on the Teaching Station's control panel


mlc plus 100

Find further instructions here:

Elder Hall classroom control

Equipment location

rack elevation

  • Located in the Spectrum Link Lectern

Classroom View


Speech Lab Equipment

This room also features a listening booth (147A) for speech professors, that provides a camera, microphone, and other recording equipment for recording speeches and presentations.

(147)top2.jpg SMP 351 encoder

The video and audio capture solution includes a ceiling mounted condenser mic to capture voice audio from the person giving the speech, as well as a push-to-talk desk microphone for a supervisor to add comments in a separate audio channel of the encoded video. A PTZ camera is wall-mounted 6' high, in the rear of the speech room, aimed at the podium and presentation screen.

The recording can be captured to a standard USB flash drive when inserted into the front panel jack of the encoder.

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