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Video Camera and Encoder


This page gives an overview of how the encoder system functions and how you use it properly. It informs where you can find these systems,  the encoder's appearance, when you should use this feature,  and how to use it.  More information is in the hyperlink connected to information on the encoder title at the bottom of this page.  


In labs:

Noggle Christian Ministries Worship Lab (Room 134)

(control panel that controls functions of the recording)

Elder Hall Speech Lab (Room 147)

(Control panel that controls the functions of the recording) 

(Remote that controls some aspects of the system) 

​(Desktop, and controls of the encoder system)

Ott Hall Gross Anatomy Lab (Room 272)

What this Encoder can do

Recording to a video file

Noggle Christian Ministries Worship Lab (Room 134)

(Plug your USB drive into here before recording anything)

Elder Hall Speech Lab (Room 147)

(Plug your USB drive into here (labeled D) before recording)

When should you use this feature, and how do you use it?

Use this feature when you want to make a recording to a flash memory stick. By going to these various labs you can record a number of things to be saved on a Flash memory stick. 

Noggle Christian Ministries Worship Lab (Room 134)

First stick the FLASH MEMORY STICK into the USB DRIVE slot (Reference the picture above for this classroom of where the USB port is located) 


A.) Press the button (labeled A) to start recording

B.) Press the button to stop the recording and to be saved onto the FLASH MEMORY STICK. (Labeled B)

C.) Press the + or - to zoom in or out on the camera. (Labeled C) 

D.) Press any of the arrow buttons to pan up or down, left or right on the camera. (Labeled D) 

E.) Press this button for help on how to work the ENCODER. (Labeled E)

F.) Press the button to center the camera back to its original frame. (Labeled F) 

Lastly, remove your FLASH MEMORY STICK that has your saved recording on it. (Reference picture above for this classroom of where to locate the FLASH MEMORY STICK). 

Elder Hall Speech Lab (Room 147)

First stick the flash memory stick into its designated slot (Labeled D) 

A.) Press the Button (Labeled A) to start recording. 

B.) Press the button (Labeled B) to stop recording completely. 

C.) Press the Button (Labeled C) to pause the recording then hit record again to start the recording process from where you left off. 

Lastly, remove your FLASH MEMORY STICK from the slot labeled D.


Reference header above for a hyperlink to another site with more information.  

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