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Ott Hall Atrium - 150


This guide assists the user and support staff with utilizing the technology in the Science & Nursing Building's Atrium.

Projection System in the Atrium

Extron Media Link Controller 104

The users will interface with this controller--actual button labels may differ from this photo. Also, the metal plate is white.


This device functions as the remote control for the projector, so a handheld remote control will never be lost, stolen, or run out of battery power.

Users will use this controller turn on and off the projector, adjust the volume, and select the input source: VGA or HDMI.

Full HD projector

The room has lots of windows and lights, so a bright, 7500 lumen projector has been installed, with an electric screen. Users will not need a handheld remote control, but should use the Extron MLC 104 instead, located on the pillar, just north (right) of the screen.

Electric Screen

Pressing the 'On' button, on the Media Link Controller, will initiate the screen's descent. Pressing the 'Off' button will initiate the screen's ascent. The screen cannot be down without the projector turned on. Nor can the projector be turned on without the screen down.

Audio output jack

No sound system is installed in the Atrium, but an audio output jack is located on the same pillar as the controller, to which a portable sound system may be attached. This way, an HDMI source, such as a Blu-Ray player or a tablet, can send a signal to the projector, and have the audio de-embedded and routed back to the audio output jack, where sound systems of appropriate size and features can distribute the sound to the desired location. This jack is XLR female, allowing a standard XLR microphone cable to connect the return audio signal to the portable sound system. The signal is line level.

Meeting Rooms in the Atrium

SNB 150-A

SNB 150-B

SNB 150-C

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