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Minimum Computer Requirements for IWU Students


This page details the minimum specifications, specs, that would be needed to be successful in both online, and on-site courses at IWU. It is wise to check with your particular area of study, or program reps in case there are any additional requirements that are unique to your degree.
Some academic programs may have specific needs outside of the requirements listed here. Keep this in mind when selecting a computer for your educational journey.


Computer Specifications

Component Windows PC Apple Computer
  • Intel i5 10th gen or higher
  • AMD Ryzen 5, 2000 series or higher
  • M1 Apple Silicon
  • M2 Apple Silicon
Storage 240GB SSD or larger 256GB SSD or higher
Memory 8GB or more 8GB or more
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 11 
Ensure your windows version is up to date and still supported here.
MacOS - Any version still in service  
Typically the 3 most recent versions. Learn which versions are still in service here


Some degrees may have requirements for specific software that is Windows PC Only. It's best to check your future courses and requirements to ensure you purchase a computer that will fit your needs.

Where to Find Good Deals

Sites that typically have good deals:

Need some help?

If the items above don't make sense, or if you just have some extra questions then please let us know! You can email our IT Support Center at, or give us a call at 765-677-2209.

We're more than happy to assist you with ensuring you start your academic career with the hardware you need in order to succeed.


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Can I use a Chromebook as my only computer for my classes?

We DO NOT recommend using one of these as your only computer for online courses. Chromebooks do not allow you to install software directly on the computer which is frequently required in coursework. Historically, students have found these devices confusing and difficult to utilize when performing course activities such as saving and uploading documents etc. 

Can I use an iPad or an iPad pro to do all my course work?

No. An iPad may be useful as a secondary device or a note taking device but it will not allow you to complete all of your course work.

Should I get a laptop or a desktop?

This is ultimately your preference. Consider what type of "worker" you are. If you're someone who prefers taking notes by typing when in a classroom, or working from different locations then a laptop is likely to be the best choice for you. If you prefer working from your desk at home, and are taking courses online, then a desktop may be a good choice. A good computer can be found in any price range in both a laptop, and a desktop.

Should I buy a computer that has better specs than listed above?

You're certainly welcome to do so, however, we've taken into account, that these specifications should be relevant for a minimum of four years. Purchasing a computer for your education, is an investment. Try to take into account what your plans will be when you finish your current program. If you plan on continuing your education, you may want to purchase something above these minimum needs. If you're planning to go into a program or field of study that heavily utilizes technology, this may be another reason to consider a computer above these specifications.




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