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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

How To Submit A Hardware Request Form


To get to the Hardware/Software Request form log into

  1.  Under Operations click on Tech Support.
  2. Scroll down until you find the Hardware/Software Request link. Click on link.
  3. Click Add (+) line item

  1. Choose Asset type by clicking the arrow and then choosing from the drop down menu

  1. Choose Product by clicking the arrow and then choosing from the drop down menu

  1. Provide any pertinent information in the comment section. Such as who, what, when where, why.
  2. If this request is for a new employee (backfill position), please provide the start date & name of new employee and the name for whom he/she is replacing.  This allows us to verify the age of the former employee's computer and provide computer equipment accordingly.
  3. Click Save

  1. Choose Step 2: Provide Details Tab
  2. Provide details of who, what, when, where why regarding purchase and justification of purchase.  For custom orders, please provide a link for the product that you are requesting
  3. List the GL Acct. number – Accurate account numbers will allow us to process your purchase request faster.  Hardware purchase accounts usually end in 6720 and software purchase accounts usually end in 6721.  If you do not have a hardware (6720) or software (6721) account please contact Gail Whitenack at X1680 or via email at for all Residential accounts or Rita Pinkerton at X2402 or via email at for all Non-Residential accounts.   If this is for a new employee for a new position (not a backfilled position) for Non-Res, then you will need a capital GL account number which can be provided by contacting Rita Pinkerton.
  4. Provide the email address of the person who will need to approve the purchase.  Please remember that if you are the supervisor submitting the request or the request is for you, then you will need to provide the email address for your supervisor.

  1. Attach a file if necessary by choosing the File Attachments tab
  2. Once information is complete, click Save.  You will be given a reference number for your request.  This will allow you to see your purchase request ticket as it progresses through our ordering system.
  3. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Suzie Weesner at X4508 or via email at for assistance.

 Once a request is submitted it will be reviewed to be sure all the information needed is provided. It will be forwarded on to the supervisor listed on the request as well as any additional approvers. The requestor will receive a Support email when their request has been sent on to be approved. This email will provide a link in which the requestor can track the request through the entire process.