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Remote Work

This guide provides an overview of tools that can be used when working remotely. In addition, it contains recommendations on best practices, tutorials for getting started, and troubleshooting information for common situations.

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Bandwidth Requirements

Any employee working from home is required to ensure they have ample bandwidth (Download, and Upload) to support the tasks they need to perform. Some tasks such as basic editing of word documents or smaller excel documents from a network drive require less bandwidth. Whereas video calls or using a "soft phone" to take phone calls will require more bandwidth. The more tasks you're performing simultaneously over the network, the more bandwidth is required.

A more detailed look at the ins and outs of internet bandwidth may be found here.

IWU's IT department cannot troubleshoot or assist with home/personal networking.



VPN allows you to work from a remote location, but still access local resources at IWU such as Colleague, server file shares etc.

Tip: VPN login requires DUO authentication

When GlobalProtect says "Connecting" you'll receive a call or "push" notification to your mobile device from Duo. The GlobalProtect program itself will not indicate anything about it utilizing Duo.

If you do not accept the call or push notification from Duo quick enough (via your mobile device or appropriate landline), GlobalProtect will prompt for your username and password again as if nothing had been entered. To connect to GlobalProtect you must utilize Duo.

Avaya Softphone

A software solution which allows you to login to your IWU phone extension on your computer. This will let you make and receive calls as if you were using your desk phone.


Configure the DUO app on your mobile device.


Zoom is the video conferencing tool of choice for IWU and can be used for simple personal messaging, audio or video chats.

IT Maintenance Windows

Standard times during which IWU-maintained systems may be unavailable.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to easily collaborate with your team in common chat rooms created around specific topics to help keep things organized.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a Web-based version of Microsoft's Office suite.

Microsoft File Protection 

File protection allows automatic backup of important files and folders.

Call Forwarding

Follow these instructions to forward calls from your IWU extension to another phone number.

Connecting a laptop to a display

This article contains information on how to connect your laptop to a display.

Colleague working from home

This page contains tips on using Colleague when working from home.

Missing Home folder or Network Drive on VPN

Learn how to fix an issue where the home folder isn't available while working remotely.