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Register a Device for IWU-Wifi Access


IWU-WiFi is a secure wireless network provided for IWU students, employees, and guests. The instructions below provide instructions for students to pre-register their personal devices  to IWU-WiFi.


1. On a device with a web browser, navigate to

2. Login with your IWU username and password.  

4. On the form that opens, type in the MAC address of the device that will be added to the network. (How to find your MAC address)

5. Create a name for your device.

6. Choose to make your device discoverable. If you choose to do so, personal devices will only be discoverable by your devices, while shared devices will be visible to users in your approved user list. 

7. Complete the rest of the form and select "submit"

8. Your registered device will now be able to connect to IWU-WiFi for one year without requiring additional logins.


If you are experiencing difficulty logging in please contact tech support at (765) 677-2209 or

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