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South Hall Complex East, 135


This guide provides an overview of AV equipment in the South Hall Complex East 135 classroom.


This room features a touch panel for turning on and off the projector, adjusting volume, and selecting sources.

A Document Camera is installed, as an alternative to an overhead projector.

A PC is installed in the cart, and laptop connections of both VGA+audio, and HDMI are located on top of the cart.

A DVD/VCR combo deck plays optical discs and VHS tapes. A remote control is provided for start/stop and cueing of the media.





  • Ceiling Speakers (main system)
  • Volume control at the Teaching Station


Aspect Ratio 16:10 



This room is configured for breakout sessions, or student collaboration. The room has three flat panel TVs, in addition to the ceiling mounted projector. The flat panels are in corners of the room, with wall plates where student groups can connect their laptops--either VGA or HDMI--to override the main video signal from the teaching station.


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