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Regional Site Standard Classroom

Classrooms at IWU Regional Education Centers

All of the teaching stations at the regional sites (education centers) have a standard design adherence. The Spectrum cart (commonly called a Smart Cart) securely houses the components, including a desktop PC and either a DVD player or Blu-Ray player, along with a switcher/scaler and audio amplifier. A side-shelf of the cart holds a Document Camera, and the projector and speakers are ceiling mounted. A pull-down screen is located at the front of the classroom.

Cables are located on top of the cart for connecting a laptop with either HDMI or VGA and audio. A network cable is available for connecting your laptop to the internet. A set of jacks is available on top of the cart in some sites' classrooms for the connection of a VCR or camcorder. These color-coded Red, White and Yellow jacks adhere to the industry standard for composite video and stereo audio, using RCA cables.

Often, one classroom at each site has been augmented with a configuration of video conferencing equipment: a set of Revolabs wireless microphones and a Samsung SDP-860 Document Camera, functioning as a webcam. Use of the provided desktop PC is required for the use of the doc cam/webcam and wireless microphones.

Teaching_Station_in_Florence_Education_Center.JPG    Teaching_Station_in_Florence_Education_Center_2.JPG

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