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Desktop PC Troubleshooting

Desktop PC Troubleshooting

  1. Is the computer on?
    • Open the front door of the Teaching Station.
    • locate the Desktop PC (Lenovo, Apple, or HP).
    • There should be a light indicating power on the front of the PC.
  2. If it is off, press and hold the power button for a few seconds to turn the computer on.
    • Press the PC button on the Extron Media Link Controller or Touch Panel. At this point, the PC should display on the monitor on top of the teaching station.
  3. If it is on, check the monitor on top of the Teaching Station, to make sure it is turned on, and that both the power and video signal cable is firmly connected ot the monitor.
    • If power is on both of these, please restart the computer.
  4. If you are using presentation software, like Power Point, verify that you have not pressed a shortcut key to hide your slide.

What's Next

If not resolved, please contact the Support Center at x2209 for assistance.

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