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How to Decide Which One to Use: Quizzes/Surveys/Self-Assessments


After completing this how-to you will have the knowledge needed to make a choice on which one is best to use:  a quiz, a survey, or a self-assessment. For other standalone guides not listed on any other topic page, see the Additional Guides topic page.

Which one to use?


  Quizzes Surveys Self-Assessments
Feedback for learner Feedback is released based on setup of quiz by instructor, may not be instant Feedback is released after completion in the form of a report Feedback is instantaneous after answering question
Reporting for learner/instructor Reporting for Instructors-yes, they can see summative feedback on scores and particular answers Reporting for instructors-yes, reports are generated and can be done anonymously Reporting for Instructors-yes, but limited to who has taken self-assessments and for time spent
Use Case Formative/Summative-ideally suited for formative assessment, the tool takes too many clicks Ice breaker to get learners to access previous knowledge of a topic Diagnostic-to help gauge learner retention midway through topic
Use Case Pre-Assessment-Use the quiz tool to act as a diagnostic before the course begins.  Set up release conditions to provide content that learners need based on their answers Diagnostic-to help gauge learner retention midway through topic Self-Awareness tool-Learners can test themselves without the pressure of a graded item.  They are allowed to make mistakes
Use Case Acknowledgment-Use the quiz tool as a form for agreeing to criteria in your course.  "Check her to confirm you won't cheat" Class Perception-builds a community of learning, as cohort can see opinions of other learners Case Studies-Use the power of storytelling to elicit answers to demonstrate new knowledge
Use Case   Course/Instructor Feedback-great for getting feedback on how a course was perceived Ask your virtual tutor-Use self-assessments to bounce ideas off of, and to act as your personal tutor
Use Case     Pre-Assessment-Inspire students to engage with class material by seeing how much they already know, and convey the course objectives simultaneously
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