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How to Embed a Video


After completing this how-to you will have knowledge needed to embed a video within your course.  A video can be embedded anywhere the "Insert Stuff" option is available.  In this example, a video will be embedded into a content module.  For other standalone guides not listed on any other topic page, access the Additional Guides topic page.


1.  Select the "Insert Stuff" icon.


2.  From the "Insert Stuff" menu, select "Enter Embed Code".  There are some video repositories listed within Insert Stuff such as YouTube and Flickr, if the repository is listed, select it from the list rather than selecting Insert Stuff.


3.  Paste the embed code into the "Embed Code" area.


4.  Select the "Next" button.


5.  Preview the video and if it is functioning, select the "Insert" button to add the video wherever you have designated.



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