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How to Grant Special Access


After completing this how-to you will have knowledge needed to grant special access to a quiz, survey, or assignment for specific students.  There are times when specific student cases will arise where a student will need extended time, additional attempts, etc.  Faculty can grant special access on a case-by-case basis.  For other standalone guides not listed on any other topic page, access the Additional Guides topic page.


  1. Navigate to the editing view of the quiz, survey, or assignment by selecting the assignment title link or by selecting the dropdown menu next to the activity/tool that you want to grant special access to.  (In the screenshots, the assignment tool will be represented).Edit Assignment
  2. Select the "Availability Dates & Conditions" arrow to expand the section.
  3. Select "Manage Special Access."
  4. Select the "Add Users to Special Access" button.selected, Allow users with special access to submit outside the normal availability dates for this folder. unselected, Allow only users with special access to see this folder. Add Users to Special Access
  5. Faculty can modify the due date, start date, or end date from the original settings.Has Due Date: 12/4/2020 8:57 PM. Has Start Date: 12/2/2020 3:57 PM
  6. Select the checkboxes next to the student names that you are giving special access to.unselected Student Tester-One. selected Student Tester-Two. selected Student Tester-Three. unselected Test Student. unselected Your Name
  7. Select the "Save" button to save and apply your selections.
  8. The student(s) that have been provided special access will appear.Student Tester-Three, Student Tester-Two
  9. Special access granted for a student(s) can be edited by selecting the "pencil" icon.
  10. Once all special access has been granted and/or edits to special access is complete, select the "Save and Close" button.
  11. At the edit assignment screen, select the "Save and Close" button again.
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