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How to Navigate the Instructional Design Wizard Set-Up


After completing this how-to you will have general knowledge needed to navigate through the Instructional Design Wizard.  The Instructional Design Wizard helps you to create a basic outline or blueprint for your course.  The Instructional Design Wizard provides you with a step-by-step process for:  defining course learning objectives, incorporating assessment activities, identifying appropriate instructional methods and activities, recommending tools that support the learning experiences you want to provide in your course, and promoting alignment between learning experiences and Bloom's Taxonomy.  For other standalone guides not listed on any other topic page, access the Additional Guides topic page.


  1. Within a course, select the "Tools" icon from the course navbar.
  2. From the "Tools" menu, select "Course Admin".
  3. Select "Instructional Design Wizard".
  4. The Instructional Design Wizard will walk you through the step-by-step process for designing a course.  Be sure to read all instructions as you go through the process.  To begin the process, select the "Start" button.Welcome to the Instructional Design Wizard. Instructional Design is the practice of designing courses rich with learning experiences that effectively support learners to meet their goals. A proven process for designing effective courses involves defining learning goals based on learners’ current state and needs, choosing learning-activities to assist learners’ development sufficiently to meet their goals and using accurate measures to assess the instructors' and learners' performance level. What do you need to start: Create your course, module by module or all at once. Before starting, list the following: 1. Modules. 2. Course Goals, Purpose and Competencies. 3. Learning Objectives. With this information, the Instructional Design Wizard guides you through the process of creating effective learning experiences. Wizard Workflow: The Instructional Design Wizard guides you through the following steps: 1. Define Instructional Goals. 2. Choose Learning Activities. 3. Organize Grade Book. Wizard Outputs: Course Blueprint: A hidden module structure with detailed placeholders for learning activities is generated in the Course Builder. Grade-Based Assessment Shell: An organized structure based on your grade system that categorizes your assessments. Objective-Based Assessment Shell: A competency structure used to measure course goals that consist of competencies and learning objectives. Estimated completion time per module - 10 minutes
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