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How to Release Grades for Students

To Release Grades for Students

If gradebooks were not set up to automatically release final grades, students may be unable to view their grade as activities are completed.  All courses beginning after October 15, 2017, will have this feature enabled in the system, and instructors should not need to manually make this change.

File: Releasing Grades for Students.pdf

Step-by-Step Instructions (Note: If you would like screen shots, click the on the PDF file above)


To release final grades:

1.  Enter your course, and select “Grades” and then “Gradebook” from the navigation bar.

2.  On the Enter Grades page, select the arrow by adjusted or final calculated grade, and click on “Grade All” to go to the user grading tab.

3.  On the Users tab, select all students by clicking the checkbox at the top of the classlist, then select “Release/Unrelease” from the bar above. The checkboxes in the “Release Final Calculated Grade” column should have checkmarks to indicate final grades are being released.

4.  Click Save and Close.

5.  You can tell if the grades have been released to students by checking the Final Grades column. If there is an eye next to the percentage, it has been released.  If it has a line through it, it is not viewable by students.



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