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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Account Settings


After reviewing this how-to article you will understand how to access and manage the main parts of your account settings in Brightspace.


  1. From the minibar, open the "PersonalMenu" dropdown list.
  2. Select the Account Settings link.


  • Within the Font Settings section, select the dropdown arrow under Font Size to select a different size font. Please note, this setting only controls how system delivered font is displayed. Text that is manually entered such as the text within Announcements and topic pages will not be modified to the desired font size setting.
  • Within the Locale & Language section, you can control the way that Brightspace displays time. The default is 12 Hour. By selecting the dropdown arrow under Clock the time display can be changed to 24 hour based.
  • Within the Time Zone section, choosing the continent that you reside on will populate the list of possible time zones. Selecting the dropdown arrow under Time Zone will allow you to select a time zone for the location closest to you.