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Course Schedule View


After reviewing this how-to article you will understand how the course schedule works with topics that have assigned due dates within Brightspace. For information on how to navigate to the Course Menu tool in Brightspace, please review the Course Menu: Overview article.

**Please note, this is an optional feature within Brightspace and will only appear if your faculty has assigned dates to topics within your course.**


  1. From the Course Menu page, select the Course Schedule module to view a list of topics that your faculty has assigned due dates to within Brightspace.Course Menu, Course Schedule main button - Students.png
    1. The number of topics due within a weeks time will be displayed next to the module name.Course Menu, Course Schedule topic count square - Students.png
  2. The default view will display topics for Today, Tomorrow, and Next 7 days.
  3. To hide or display a grouping of topics, select the "Collapse"/"Expand" button to toggle between the two options.Course Menu, Course Schedule collapse - All.png
  4. Select the Full Schedule button to review a list of all topics that the faculty has assigned dates to within the course.Course Menu, Course Schedule full schedule view - All.png
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