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Course Schedule View


After reviewing this how-to you will understand how the course schedule works with topics that have assigned due dates within Brightspace.

**Please note, this is an optional feature within Brightspace and will only appear if your faculty has assigned dates to topics within your course.**


1. From the "Course Menu" page, select the "Course Schedule" module to view a list of topics that your faculty has assigned due dates to  within Brightspace.

Course Menu, Course Schedule main button - Students.png


1a. The number of topics due within a weeks time will be displayed next to the module name.

Course Menu, Course Schedule topic count square - Students.png


2. The default view will display topics for "Today", "Tomorrow", and "Next 7 days."


3. To hide or display a grouping of topics, select the 'Collapse'/'Expand' button to toggle between the two options.

Course Menu, Course Schedule collapse - All.png


4. Select the "Full Schedule" button to review a list of all topics that the faculty has assigned dates to within the course.

Course Menu, Course Schedule full schedule view - All.png

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