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The Classlist is a page that lists the faculty teaching the course and your fellow students that are also taking the course. 

Navigate directly to the section on:

Access the Classlist

Sorting Options


Viewing a Profile Page


Access the Classlist

1. Open the "Communication" menu in the course navbar.

Course Navbar, Communication - Students.PNG


2. Select "Classlist".

Communication Menu, Classlist - All.PNG


3. Initial view...

Classlist, Whole View - Students.png


  • Note, the green dot, which indicates if the student or faculty is currently online

Classlist, Active Status - Students.png

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Sorting Options

1. Default sorting view...

Classlist, Sort Default - Students.png     


2. Different sorting view, descending...

Classlist, Sort Decending - Students.png


3. Different sorting view, ascending...

Classlist, Sort Ascending - Students.png

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Email One Individual

1. Select the name...

Classlist, Email Individual - Students.png


Email Multiple Individuals

1. Select a checkbox next to the individuals...

Classlist, Email Multiple 1 - Students.png


2. Select the "Email" button

Classlist, Email Multiple 2 - Students.png


Email All Individuals (Option 1)

1. Select the top checkbox...

Classlist, Email All 1 option 1 - Students.png


2. Select the "Email" button

Classlist, Email All 2 option 1 - Students.png


Email All Individuals (Option 2)

1. Select the "Email Classlist" button

Classlist, Email All 1 option 2 - Students.png


2. Select the "Send Email" button

Classlist, Email All 2 option 2 - Students.xcf.png

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Viewing a Profile Page

1. Select the "Image" button next to the faculty or one of your classmates

Classlist, Profile Image - Students.png


2. If the individual has added information to their Profile Page, you will be able to view that information to get to know more about them


3. To return to the Classlist, select the "Go Back" button

Classlist, Profile Card go back - Students.png

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What's Next

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