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Completing a Quiz


After reviewing this how-to article you will have the knowledge needed to take and submit a quiz within your course. For information on how to navigate to the Quizzes tool in Brightspace, please review the Accessing a Quiz article.



**Before beginning the quiz, please make sure that you have carefully reviewed all of the information on the associated topic page.**

  1. From the quiz page, select the Start Quiz! button.
  2. The length of time set for each quiz will be displayed below the title of the quiz. Please note, the categories and amount of time displayed will depend upon the settings setup for each quiz.
  3. Depending on the setup of the quiz, multiple attempts may be allowed. The quiz attempt you are currently on is located next to your name.
  4. To close out of a quiz without submitting it for grading, select the "close this quiz" button. Be advised that that dependent on the setup of the quiz, you may not be able to return to the quiz to complete it. Please check with the instructor of the course for further information.  
  5. The system will automatically save your responses as you go through the quiz. This will be visible to you by a checkmark rather than two dashes within a tile in the status table, and a checkmark followed by the word Saved located after a question number and points value.

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Moving Between Questions

  • If your quiz has more than one page of questions, you can utilize the Previous Page and Next Page buttons located above the first question and below the last question on the page. Please note, your quiz may have a setting that will not allow you to navigate back to a page after moving forward.
  • Select a question tile in the status table to display the question. This works for questions on the same page you are currently on, as well as for questions on a different page.

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Quiz Submission

  1. After you have completed the quiz, select the Submit Quiz button located at the bottom of the page.
  2. Before the system submits your quiz, you will be asked to confirm your submission.  You can select the Submit Quiz button to have the system turn in your quiz for grading, or you may choose the Back to Questions button to return to the quiz.
  3. A confirmation of your quiz submission will be displayed after selecting the Submit Quiz button twice. Depending on the quiz setting, the score of your quiz may or may not be displayed. To close out of this page, select the Done button.