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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

System Navigation: Overview


After completing this how-to you will have the ability to navigate from the main landing page to your course materials.


Main Landing Page

1. The top level page that everyone within Brightspace can access, is termed the "main landing page". The main landing page is the initial page that will load every time after logging into the Brightspace site.

Whole Org View - Students.png


2. In what is called the "main homepage," use the My Courses widget to select a course tile to navigate to the course's landing page.

My Courses Widget, Course Tile - Students.png


Course Landing Page

1. After selecting a course from the main landing page, the "course landing page" will load. The course landing page provides quick and convenient access to various features through what are called the "course homepage" and "course navbar."

Whole Course View - Students.png


2. Within the course homepage, the Announcements widget allows you to keep up to date with latest postings from the faculty in the course.

Announcements Widget course - Students.png


3. Within the course navbar, the Course Menu link provides quick access to the tool where course topics, instructions, resources and more are located.

Course Navbar only, Course Menu - All.png


4a. From any page within Brightspace, select the IWU logo to return to the main landing page.

Minibar, Org Link - Students.png


4b. From any page within a course, you can select the course name that is linked to the course landing page.

Minibar, Course Link - Students.PNG