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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Adding Files


After reviewing this how-to you article will have knowledge needed to add files (which are referred to as "artifacts") in the ePortfolio tool. There is more than one way to add a file within the ePortfolio tool. This article will review the simplest and quickest route, as well as provide the only way to add more than one file at a time.


  1. From the main ePortfolio page, you can add information in the What are you learning? field to create an associated reflection; adding information in this field is not required. A reflection is a way to provide careful or long consideration or thought on a subject matter.
  2. Dependent on what you are needing to upload, you will select either Add Files or Add Link. Please note, while Step 3 will cover how to add files, the steps will be the same for adding a link except that you will paste the needed URL in the designated Enter a URL... field. 
  3. Use the "files field" to upload the needed file(s).
    1. To remove an individual file, select the "remove" button by the file.
    2. To close out of the "files field", select the Close button.
  4. To make the files visible to select users in Brightspace, select the Share... button.
  5. A list of up to 100 of your Sharing Groups and other users in Brightspace will be displayed. It is recommended that you perform a search in the "share" field to narrow down the number of results. Select the Sharing Group or individual user that you wish to make the files visible to, you will need to repeat this step for every Sharing Group or user that you need to share with.
    1. To remove one of the selections, choose the "remove" button.
  6. After all of the needed files have been uploaded that you wish to share, choose the Add to ePortfolio button.