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Create and Manage a Collection


After reviewing this how-to article you will have the knowledge needed to create and manage collections within the ePortfolio tool in Brightspace. A collection is a way to group multiple files or items that have already been added to your ePortfolio.

There are two features available within the ePortfolio tool that allow you to group multiple items together and share them with others: collections and presentations. Creating, adding items to, and managing collections are reviewed in this how-to guide. Presentations will be reviewed in the Create and Manage a Presentation article.


Create a Collection

  1. There are two ways a new collection can be created:
    1. From the main ePortfolio tab, select the New Collection link.
    2. From the My Items tab, select the New Collection button.
  2. Add a title in the Name field for the new collection, you can also add more detailed information in the Description field if you wish to do so. Once you are finished, select the Save and Close button.

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Add Items to a Collection

  1. Select the "actions for"' button by the collection name.
  2. Choose the Edit option.
  3. Within the Items in Collection section on the page, select the Add to Collection button.
  4. Choose the Artifacts, Presentations, Reflections, or Learning Objectives link.
  5. Select the checkbox in the row of the item(s) you want to add to your new collection. Please note, you can only add files you have already uploaded to your ePortfolio ( for information on how to do this, review the Adding Files guide).
  6. After you have selected the checkbox for all of the needed item(s), choose the Add button.

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Manage a Collection

  • To delete a collection, select the "actions for'" button by the Collection name and choose the Delete option. Please note, this action will only delete the collection and not any items, reflections, etc. that were added to the collection.
  • To edit a collection, select the "actions for" button by the Collection name and choose the Edit option.
    • You have the ability to modify the Name and Description of the collection within the designated fields.
    • To remove an individual item within the "Items in Collection" section, choose the "remove ... from collection" button within the row.
    • To remove multiple items within the "Items in Collection" section, mark the checkboxes in the rows for the items and then select the "remove" button above the table.