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Create and Manage a Presentation


After reviewing this how-to you will have the knowledge needed to create and manage a presentation within the ePortfolio tool in Brightspace. A presentation is an interactive way to share multiple items that have already been added to your ePortfolio. 

There are two features available within the ePortfolio tool that allow you to group multiple items together and share them with others: collections and presentations. Creating, adding items to, and managing presentations are reviewed in this how-to guide. Collections will be reviewed in the Create and Manage a Collection guide.


Create a Presentation

1a. From the main ePortfolio tab, select the New Presentation link.

ePortfolio, Presentation new link - All.png


1b. From the My Items tab, select the New Presentation button.

ePortfolio, Presentation new button - All.png


2. Add a title in the Name field for the new presentation, you can also add more detailed information in the Description field if you wish to do so.


3. To save the presentation, select the Save button and cancel out of the page or select one of the other tabs and your presentation will save automatically.

ePortfolio, Presentation tabs and save button - All.png


  • To return to the presentation after cancelling out, choose the My Items tab and select the "actions for ..." button and choose the Edit option.

ePortfolio, My Items edit presentation button - All.png


  • You are encouraged to preview the presentation throughout the process of adding and managing the content, to do this select the View Presentation link available on every tab when in editing mode.

ePortfolio, Presentation view presentation link - All.png

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Manage Content/Layout

Select the Content/Layout tab.

ePortfolio, Presentation content and layout tab - All.png


  • In the Pages table, select the "view actions for ..." button and choose the Page Properties option.

ePortfolio, Presentation page properties button - All.png


  • Add a title for the page in the Page Name field, then select the Save button.

ePortfolio, Presentation page properties save button - All.png


  • To create a new page, select the "new page" button.

ePortfolio, Presentation new page button - All.png


  • Select the name of a linked page to edit the content area.

ePortfolio, Sharing Groups edit page link - All.png


  • To modify the order of the pages, select the "reorder pages" button.

ePortfolio, Sharing Groups reorder pages button - All.png


  • Modify the values in the SortOrder column as needed. Once you are finished, select the Save button.


  • Items added in the Content Area 1 section will appear in a frame on the right of the presentation. Select the Add Component button to include a text box or items you have added to your ePortfolio. Please note, you can only add files you have already uploaded to your ePortfolio ( for more information on how to do this, review the Adding Files guide).

ePortfolio, Presentation add component button 1 - All.png


  • Select the "move ..." button to rearrange the order items will appear in the right frame of the presentation.

ePortfolio, Presentation move content button - All.png


  • Select the "remove ... from layout" button to take an individual item off the presentation.

ePortfolio, Presentation remove content button - All.png


  • Items added in the Content Area 2 section will appear in a frame on the left of the presentation. Select the Add Component button to include a text box or items you have added to your ePortfolio.

ePortfolio, Presentation add component button 2 - All.png


  • Some added items will provide the option to allow you or the individuals with whom you shared the presentation with to post a comment directly on the presentation itself. Select the Comments Enabled checkbox to allow this option.

ePortfolio, Presentation comments enabled button - All.png

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Manage Banner

1. Select the Banner tab.

ePortfolio, Presentation banner tab - All.png


2. Information can be added in the Banner Title and/or Banner Description field. Both fields can be left empty if nothing is to be displayed in the designated areas on the presentation. After modifying the fields, select the Save button.

ePortfolio, Presentation banner save button - All.png


3. To review the changes made to the presentation, select the View Presentation link. The image below provides an example of how the title and description field are displayed.

ePortfolio, Presentation banner example - All.png

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Manage Theme

1. Select the Theme tab.

ePortfolio, Presentation theme tab - All.png


2. To preview your current theme or one of the other themes, select the respective "preview ..." button.

ePortfolio, Presentation preview theme button - All.png


3. To apply a new theme, choose the respective Select button.

ePortfolio, Presentation select theme button - All.png