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Email Tool


Email is an important part of communication between Students and Faculty. 



Email is a tool within Learning Studio that can be used for collaboration to the IWU email accounts.

  • LearningStudio can be used to send original emails only.
  • The Email Tool is designed to allow instructors and students the opportunity to send one-way emails inside of LearningStudio without revealing the senders email address.
  • Replies from the original email sent from LearningStudio does not come back to LearningStudio. They will go to the email address IWU has on file. This should be an (Instructors) or (Students); however, in the rare case the address on file for a student is a personal email (ex. Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) then that will be the email used.


First Step

Begin by clicking on the email tab on the top toolbar of your course.


Second Step

Find the members of your course that you would like to email, select their name and then click "Add" to move them to the Recipients listing.


Third Step

Click Send Message.  Remember, watch your indwes email account for replies.  It is recommended to check your junk folder if you do not see an email in your inbox.


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