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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Webcam Recording


Describes how to use the MediaCentral 'Webcam Recording' function.


1. Once logged into the MediaCentral website select the 'Add New' button followed by 'Webcam Recording'. Please note that after selecting 'Webcam Recording' you may receive a message prompting you to select 'Allow' the webcam to run. If so you will need to be sure to select 'Allow.'


2. To begin recording select the red 'record' icon.


3. One you have recorded as much as desired select the 'stop' icon.


4. After selecting 'stop' you will be presented with a screen that allow you to watch a preview of the video. If satisfied with the recording select the 'Save' button.


5. To finish the process, and upload the recording, a name for the recording must be entered, the 'Published' option will need selected followed by the 'Save' button.



What's Next

For information on uploading media directly from your computer to MediaCentral and information on using Camtasia Relay please utilize the following link,

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