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Locating Items from DataConnect in SelfService


DataConnect was the previous system that connected students and employees to their information (payments, grades, registration, etc.) and has now been replaced with Colleague Self-Service. This page helps those who previously used DataConnect locate those items in Self-Service.

All of the items below assume you have logged into and are sitting at the home page as shown below.

Due to differing Colleague permissions among students, employees and faculty, you may or may not have the exact same tiles shown in these screenshots.

Self-Service Homepage Navigation


There are two ways to navigate within the Self-Service Interface:

  1. The tile(s) that display once you log in, shown above as Employee, Advising, Course Catalog, and Retention Alert (remember these are examples)
  2. The symbols on the left side will open into an accordion to display options.
    • House (Home) - returns you to the main page
    • Financial Building (Financial Information) - Student Finance, Financial Aid, Tax Information, and Banking Information
    • Clock/Dollar Sign (Employment) - Employee related information
    • Graduation Cap (Academics) - Academic related information and Release Information (FERPA)
    • Briefcase (Daily Work) - Advising, Faculty, Financial Management, Administrative items
    • Silhouette (User Options) - User Profile, Emergency Information, Update Denomination, Employee Directory, and Make a Contribution (Gift)

DataConnect Items and their Self-Service location

DataConnect Name/Item Locating in Self-Service

Academic Office Student Information

(Student Schedules, Degree Audits, Programs, Test Scores, Unofficial Transcripts)

  • This item (and all pieces contained within it) will only be available through Colleague
  • Review the Knowledge Article to find your Colleague Security Officer 
    • Screens needed are EVAL, SCHD, SPRO - NAE, TSUM, XUOT
    • Documentation for how to use these screens can be found here.

Academic Record

(Unofficial Transcript)

  • Academics (left side) -> Unofficial Transcript

Account Information

(Account Activity and Make a Payment)

  • Student Finance tile -> Account Activity and Make a Payment
  • Financial Information (left side) -> Student Finance
  • NOTE: If you are in the Make a Payment tab, go to the top left and click Student Finance to see the Account activity and Payment Plan option (if applicable))
Advisees / Email Advisees
  • Advising tile
  • Daily Work (left side) -> Advising
Banking Information (Non-Payroll)
  • Banking Information tile
  • Financial Information (left side)

NOTE: This is for reimbursements only. Payroll direct deposit changes still need to be requested through Payroll office.

Benefits Enrollment
  •  Employee tile -> Benefits
  • Employment (left side) -> Employee -> Benefits 
Budget to Actuals
  • Financial Management tile
  • Financial Information (left side)
Class Roster Select Section
  • Faculty tile
    • Choose a Course
    • Roster tab

See also:  How to Enlarge Self-Service Roster Photos

Course Search

(IWU-Marion Residential Students ONLY)

  • Course Catalog tile
  • Student Planning
    • Plan your Degree and Schedule your Courses 
    • Search for Courses (right corner)
Current Benefits
  •  Employee tile -> Current Benefits
  • Employment (left side) -> Employee -> Current Benefits 

Degree Audit

  • Student Planning Tile -> View Your Progress
  • Academics (left side) -> Student Planning -> Planning Overview -> View Your Progress


(Employee, Student, Site)

  • These are now located in the new myIWU portal (Named People Search and Site Directory)

Earnings Statement

(Replaces the Pay Advices)

  • Employee
    • Employee tile
  • Student
    • Employment (left side)
Emergency Information
  • User Options (left side)
Faculty Pay Approvals
  • Employment (left side) -> Employee
Faculty Schedule
  • Faculty Tile (display is courses that are assigned)
  • Daily Work (left side) -> Faculty -> Faculty Overview
Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid tile
  • Financial Information (left side)


(Grade Reports)

  • Students
    • Grades tile
    • Academics (left side)


(Enter Grades)

  • Faculty
    • Choose the course to submit grades
    • Be sure the grading tab is chosen
    • Note: Grading is only available during the time window determined by the Academic offices
Make a Contribution (Gift)
  • User Options (left side)

My Schedule

(My Registered Classes)

  • IWU-National and Global Students
    • Student Planning -> Plan your Degree & Register for Courses -> Plan & Schedule
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: N&G Students may only view their schedule of registered courses in this area. “Register for Classes or Plan & Schedule” option is disabled. To register for classes, you MUST call Student Engagement Services at 765-677-2359 or 866-498-4968.
  • IWU-Marion Residential Students
    • Student Planning -> Plan your Degree & Register for Courses -> Plan & Schedule
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though it says Register for Classes, you MUST call Registration and Academic Services (RAS) at 765-677-2590 or 866-468-6498
    • For more information:
My Stipends
  • Employee
    • Employee tile 
      • Stipend History
Position History/Summary
  • Employee
    • Employee tile
  • Student

Release Request (FERPA)

(for Students)

  • Academics (left side)

Release Verification (FERPA)

(for Employees)

  • Colleague Screen - XVFR (if you are suppose to have permissions to view FERPA releases, please contact the security officer for your area and have them request it. Security Officers)
Request a Grade Change
  • Daily Work (left side) -> Faculty

Request a Payment

(Vendor Lookup Included)

  • Daily Work (left side) -> Financial Management -> Procurement
  • Financial Management tile
    • Procurement

Tax Information

(Consent and Forms)

  • Tax Information tile
  • Employee -> Tax Information tile
  • Financial Information (left side)
  • IMPORTANT - you can only access the form if you have first consented to receive the form in electronic format

Test Summary

  • Academics (left side)

Time Entry

Time History

Time Approval (Supervisor)

Time History (Supervisor)

  • Employee
    • Employee tile
      • Note: This is for hourly employees - Administrative employees will still use the Attendance Tracking in the Portal
  • Student
    • Employment (left side), open Employee option
    • From the Tax screen (under Employee tile), click on Employee at the top left corner and choose Time Entry
Total Compensation
  • Employee 
    • Employee tile
Transfer Summary
  • Academics (left side)
User Profile
  • User Options (left side)
View My Payment Plan Schedule
  • Financial Information (left side) -> Student Finance
Update Denomination
  • User Options (left side)




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