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Use of ZOOM in Classrooms

Faculty responsibilities, student responsibilities, and Disability Services




Use of ZOOM in Classrooms

Please review this information prior to use of Zoom or other videoconferencing platform in the classroom (physical or virtual).

Faculty Responsibilities:

  1. A professor can use video tools such as Zoom or Kaltura/Media Central as long as students are given an option to request accommodations (transcription or closed captions) in advance. 
  2. If a student requests accommodations pertaining to the use of Zoom or Kaltura, a Transcriptionist can be arranged through the Disability Services Office  (it usually takes one business day to arrange).  Please reference the contact information below.


Student Responsibilities:

  1. Students have the responsibility of informing the professor of any accommodation needs as close to the beginning of the course as possible. The Center for Student Success’ Disability Services does not do this. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate any University approved accommodations to the professor.
  2. If a student has not registered with Disability Services, yet is requesting accommodations, the student should contact Disability Services (via the contact information below) so the impairment can be verified and accommodations can be issued.


Contact Information:

Disability Services 


1.800.621.8667 EXT 2257

FAX 765-677-2140


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